Monday, January 28, 2008

Medical bills... Part 1

I'm still waiting on the itemized bills from the hospital but here's the early numbers for last year.

Total medical bills: 92,253.57

Most expensive: Christopher - current age, 6 months - 50763.51
2: Matt - 18,812.38
3: Carol - including labor and delivery and wisdom teeth - 15,573.23
4: Maggie - mostly an ER visit/12 hour hospital stay - age 6 - 5010.11
5: Abbie - 1003.67
Least expensive: Emily - age 2.5 - 305.00
[includes dental for everyone but Christopher and Emily]

Our total out of pocket [not including Rx or premiums]: 3291.11

That's .037% of the total.

God is good!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Just Fix It

Yesterday, on his way to work, Matt's radiator blew.

We've known since... oh, October or so that it was coming but all the health stuff and then the holidays and everything sort of put it on the back burner.

So what did we do?

Called around, found the best price [Republic Radiator], took it in and said "Fix it."

Do you know what it's like to have something go wrong on your car and just... fix it? We contemplated buying a radiator and Matt and probably his step-dad installing it, but to do so was only about $40 cheaper than having it done. It wasn't worth it. We had the money and just... fixed it.

And that was nice.

Our little guy is doing better still. He's still growing, albeit a little more slowly the last couple weeks. He still [easily] wears 0-3mo clothes, but he rolled back to front this week and about wiggled out of his bouncy seat so that he's now in his exersaucer [but his little feet barely touch the bottom even on the lowest level - literally - if he stretches, his toes just brush it]. Matt's fully recovered and the lithotripsy bill's already been paid for by the insurance.

We got our first call for this Spring's FPU class - that was exciting. We watched a couple of the preview clips last night and it's very exciting. Dave recorded all new DVDs last year with updated info and stats. Even if you've already taken it, I recommended checking it out. You won't need new kits, but new workbooks/CDs are available for a reasonable price. If you're in the area and interested, you can find more information about FPU in general here or our FPU class here.