Monday, January 28, 2008

Medical bills... Part 1

I'm still waiting on the itemized bills from the hospital but here's the early numbers for last year.

Total medical bills: 92,253.57

Most expensive: Christopher - current age, 6 months - 50763.51
2: Matt - 18,812.38
3: Carol - including labor and delivery and wisdom teeth - 15,573.23
4: Maggie - mostly an ER visit/12 hour hospital stay - age 6 - 5010.11
5: Abbie - 1003.67
Least expensive: Emily - age 2.5 - 305.00
[includes dental for everyone but Christopher and Emily]

Our total out of pocket [not including Rx or premiums]: 3291.11

That's .037% of the total.

God is good!!!


JW said...

WOW! You were really blessed. .037% of the total is a miracle.


God Bless you all

Stephanie said...

thats actually 3.7% not .037%

dm said...


iva history said...

Great news! keep up the good work!

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