Saturday, December 8, 2007

Does life ever slow down?!

I knew life with 4 kids would be hectic and 'on the go', but I am so very ready for things to slow down - just a bit.

Matt still has his kidney stone. As of Wednesday, Dec. 5, it hadn't moved - not one little bit - but it was almost 2mm bigger than they said last week - 5mm or so. He's scheduled for a litho something or other on Monday where they'll use soundwaves or something to try to break it up into little teeny tiny pieces. [No, I don't remember what it's called - sad, huh? For me who remembers Nissen Fundoplication with no problems... Not sure what that is? Read November's posts...]

After I posted last Thursday, I went downstairs and heard the water running in the bathroom. All girls denied they'd left the water on and sure enough, the water was off but the pipe coming out of the wall was spraying. Apparently, it had been for a while because the rug was SOAKING wet and the first 6-8" carpet out the door [a good 6ft or so away] was wet. Of course, this was about 10 minutes after Matt left for his evening class and he wouldn't be back for hours. I turned the water off to the house, called a neighbor and seriously considered sitting down and crying.

Our neighbor pulled another neighbor in and the two of them had it fixed in a couple hours. One brought his stuff to solder with and the other went and bought the part we needed. Thank you, Andrew and Tanner!!!!! A huge relief. [This was the day I wrote the post entitled "When it rains..." :)]

Since then, our little guy gained four ounces in 8 days - this is fabulous news! We're very happy about that. However, it seems he may have some sort of genetic anomaly and we have to see some genetic counselor or something from Columbia. It's out of network but because of the weight gain, we won't have to go there - they come here in Jan. Will have to pay out of network deductibles though...

Matt ended up at Urgent Care last night with a possible case of pink eye *sigh*. I'm ready to stop funding the medical community.

Some statements have come in and some have even already been paid by our insurance company. So far, it's closing in on $40G total, but we haven't seen anything from the docs yet - except the anesthesia which came in at $1600 or so. I will detail it once all the bills come in.

After talking to our insurance company, I was right - we will only owe $50 for Matt's ER visit. I think we're up to about 7 or 8 doctor visits at $20 each though. Those were paid for at the time of service... I'm ready to not have those hitting our budget on a once or twice weekly basis... Fortunately, the surgical follow-ups are free. He had one this week and he looked great!

Thank God we have so much paid off and it's not like we're to the point of having to decide between food and doctor visits because all the rest of the money has been paid out.

Most Christmas presents are bought and paid for, no credit used. Bills are paid. Food is bought - hey, we even had pizza last night! The semester ends next Saturday and I'm done on Wednesday. Having that out of the way will be so nice. I'll be done with the last regular set of assignments here in an hour or so [once I get done procrastinating with this blog...]

Okay - I have to stop procrastinating now and get work done. I am so ready for life to slow down, even a little bit, so that I can catch my breath and maybe get some sleep. Sleep... that would be nice... :)


HouseHopeful said...

The procedure is called a Lythotripsy. I had a similar sized stone and had the procedure. Its pretty simple and not painful. He'll feel some bruising, but thats about it. Passing the stone will be a lot easier because they really break it up into small pieces. I hope everything goes well!

Matt and Carol said...

Thank you! I was thinking it was something like that but couldn't remember. Here's hoping it works - I think the doc gave it something like an 85% success rate... but that was 2 weeks ago that we saw him and I may be misremembering.


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