Sunday, December 9, 2007

If God cares about the little things...

...then surely He cares about the big things too right?

I know He does, but the confirmation is nice.

Case in point:

This morning - after we weren't actually out of bed until 7:45 - Matt helped me get all 4 kids on the road for church. Now church technically starts at 9 and is about a 15 min. drive usually, but it was icky and rainy this morning, but thankfully, no ice like was originally predicted. About half way through the drive, I breathed a little prayer, "Dear God, please let it stop raining long enough for me to get the kids inside." Now, we do have an overhang at church, but I was by myself and though I'm sure I could have found SOMEONE I had at least a passing acquaintance with to watch the kids while I parked, I'd planned on just parking and walking in unless it was just pouring. Sure enough, about halfway down Blackman Road, a couple blocks from church, the rain slowed to the slightest drizzle. We walked in and stayed almost completely dry. Even had the door held open for us by someone we walked in with. During Sunday School, I happened to peek out the window and saw that it was pouring rain. When it was time to leave, the rain had stopped again.

If He who controls the universe cares enough to make it stop raining long enough for me to get my kids in and out of the car, surely He's taking care of my men - both the little one and the big one.

I've also found that "His grace is sufficient". Every time the last few weeks [and it seems it happens most of the time while I'm in the car with four kids - at least 2 of whom are being quite loud for whatever reason - on the way to church] that I've wanted to pull over to the side of the road - literally or figuratively - and just put my head on the wheel and cry, I've found the oddest thing happening.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, this peace comes over me. You know - the one that passes understanding. And suddenly, it's all okay. Oh, sure Matt still has kidney stones and now 3 kids are being extra loud - including a 4 month old demanding to be fed - but this calm comes over me and I'm able to cope for another 15 minutes until I can drop the kids off in their classes and spend some time with grown-ups, being encouraged and loved on or given dinner or whatever else I need at that moment.

So, yes, God not only cares about the big things, but the little ones as well. He cares intimately about every detail of our lives. That's not to say He's up there pulling on strings and we're simply marionettes, but He does care. And I'm so very glad for that.

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You write very well.